How to Improve Your Credit

As part of Financial Literacy Month, Piedmont Housing Alliance wants to share tips and tricks to help you on your own personal financial road to freedom.  The housing counselors at Piedmont Housing can help you learn about anything from savings to home buying to understanding and improving your credit.  We have helped educate hundreds of people along the way and are currently offering our Clash for Cash financial education classes at Friendship Court Community Center through May.

Many of our clients have worked on improving their credit scores to help them with a variety of goals and have been successful.  Sarah Brazelton recounts, “I worked with a client who started out with a credit score of 615 last year with a goal of raising his score to 640.  After a year of working together, he was able to raise his score up to 671 as well as pay off a collection and keep his balances to less than half of his credit limit!”  To learn more, have a look at this video where Sarah explains more about credit and how it works.

Take some time this April to learn more about how to work on your own personal financial well-being.  As President Obama said recently, “When every American has the tools they need to get ahead and contribute to our country’s success, we are all better off.”