Celebrating First-Time Home Buyer Jeff Rosson in Downtown Charlottesville

Jeff Rosson is a Piedmont Housing Alliance client. With our help, Jeff was able to purchase his first home in July, 2016.  Jeff, a single dad, Jeff Rossenadmits that with a four-year-old son, gaining more structure and stability was a key motivating factor for him when he started the process of trying to buy a home. “It was the right time for me to take this leap, giving us something to grow in,” said Jeff.

Jeff, a clerk at UVA hospital, began looking into buying a home while still living with his grandmother, whom he assists with various daily tasks. While helping her, he also was being helped as this allowed him to keep saving money to put towards a home.  When Jeff first looked into becoming a homeowner, he says he did plenty of research on getting assistance and that’s when he stumbled across Piedmont Housing Alliance online. Jeff made an appointment to talk with a housing counselor who helped him work through the details of becoming a first time home owner.  The process was a little bit daunting he admits.  With patience, perseverance and meditation, Jeff was able to make his dream come true and close on a home in downtown Charlottesville close to his job at the end of July.   Now Jeff says he doesn’t plan on going anywhere and is really looking forward to having his own space and place to call home.

“It’s been nothing but wonderful,” Jeff says.