Melissa Wagner Becomes a New Homebuyer in Fluvanna County

On a hot summer afternoon, with a thin layer of new grass coming up in the front yard, Melissa and her four children, Caleb, Logan, Avery and Gunner, are excited to pull into the driveway of their new four-bedroom home after running some errands.

Melissa has moved a lot. She says at least five times in the last five years.  After that hassle, she was ready to find her forever home.  Melissa, a billing specialist and native of Fluvanna County, says she wanted to buy her own home to create more stability for her family.  She also wanted to stay close by to her parents and her kids’ father so buying in Fluvanna was also important.

She started working with Virginia Leary, a housing counselor at Piedmont Housing Alliance, after having been referred by Fluvanna County Social Services. Virginia, a Certified Housing Counselor and Accredited Financial Counselor, walked her through each step of becoming a homebuyer to make the whole process less scary.  Soon afterwards, Melissa was able to purchase a lot of land and start building her dream home.  They broke ground in February and by April, Melissa and the kids had to be out of their other home.  Luckily, everything started falling into place. Thanks to good weather during a very fickle spring season, everything went smoothly so Melissa and her kids were able to move into their home just three months later by the end of April.

Melissa said it was with the grace of God that she and the kids were able to get through the whole process. She recommends to others looking to buy or build their first homes, to have faith.

She added, “Thanks to Piedmont Housing Alliance for all you did to make our dreams come true!”

Congratulations to Melissa, Caleb, Logan and her fraternal twins, Avery and Gunner.