Piedmont Housing Alliance Housing Counselor Helped Client Save $794 Each Month

150x150 Virginia Leary 5 Preferred

Financial education and personal financial coaching are at the heart of Piedmont Housing Alliance’s mission to create more housing opportunities. Piedmont Housing Alliance employs three full-time housing counselors who are ready and willing to work with anyone interested in improving their financial situation.

Virginia Leary, one of our counselors, did just that!  She started working with a client in 2014 that came to her with concerns about his continued ability to make his home mortgage payment. His family had unexpected home repair bills, significant medical bills from his wife’s medical treatment, and growing college expenses for his kids. Needless to say, making their regular mortgage payments became more difficult during this time.  When he first met with Virginia, he explained that he had never been late on his payments before, but his interest rate on his mortgage had risen and he realized they were not going to be able to afford their new payment.

Upon Virginia’s suggestion, he applied for a mortgage modification on his own in 2014, but was rejected.  Then, in early 2015, he came back and met with Virginia again who helped him correct a few items on his application and resubmit his application. He was then approved for a trial modification.  After completing the three month trial modification, he is now saving $794 on his mortgage payment every month which helped him and his family stay in their home and get back on their feet financially.