Yadi Weaver Finds Her Family a Home in Albemarle County

Yadi Weaver and familyYadi Weaver was a homeowner during a prior marriage and always enjoyed having her own home—especially after she became a mother of two. However, as sometimes happens, Yadi’s life changed and she had to start over in many ways. A few years ago, she realized she was ready to try becoming a homeowner again.

Yadi originally came to Piedmont Housing Alliance in 2012 after friends told her about the housing counseling programs available. Through classes and individual counseling, she was able to focus on the goal of buying a home in a neighborhood she and her children enjoy. She worked with her housing counselor to improve her credit rating. Then, in 2014, Yadi suffered a loss that required her to shift her time and attention away from the home-buying process. Once again, she had to put that dream on hold.

When Yadi was in the position to return her full attention to buying a home, she was a single mother and even more determined to find a home for her and her children. As she began to look at houses, she was initially discouraged because those she liked the most were not in her price range. With encouragement and practical advice from the housing counselors at Piedmont Housing Alliance, she realized the importance of staying within her budget. As a result, Yadi slowly widened the parameters of her search.

Yadi began to look at houses outside of Charlottesville city limits. She found one she liked, submitted her offer, and the paperwork went through. Yadi thought this was going to be the one! Then, the appraisal came back and it was lower than the selling price. Yadi realized that would start her out upside down financially, so she decided to continue the search. She knew she needed to find a place within her means that would help her start building some equity.

After looking a short time longer, Yadi found a home in Albemarle County with a big back yard. The house really appealed to her and was in a good location. In addition, it was convenient to the route of her daily commute to work. As her paperwork was in order from the previous offer, Yadi was able to transfer much of that to the new offer. In a short time, the new offer was accepted and Yadi closed on her new home.

Yadi acknowledges that finding and purchasing the right home within her means was not an easy process, but it was worth it. She sees how much her family enjoys their new home and the additional space it provides both inside and outside. That reassures her that the challenges were well worth the final rewards.

Yadi encourages others striving toward homeownership. “If you really want to make that dream come true, it’s possible,” she says. “Be patient and don’t give up.”