Meet Patricia Edwards, Board Member

Patricia Edwards has served as a Piedmont Housing Alliance board member since 2014. After more than a decade living in other parts of the country, Pat returned to her hometown of Charlottesville in the mid-1980s so that her husband could pursue his master’s degree at UVA’s Curry School of Education.

A long-time resident of Charlottesville’s Starr Hill neighborhood, Pat’s positive impression of Piedmont Housing’s revitalization efforts there made her believe in its mission. This impression was instrumental in her decision to assume a leadership role with the organization. Pat believes that neighborhoods that include residents of varied backgrounds are healthier for everyone and she is excited about Piedmont Housing’s vision for mixed-income, mixed-use development within the City.

Pat retired from her work as a special education teacher at Charlottesville High School in 2011, but remains committed to the community. In addition to her efforts at Piedmont Housing, Pat serves on the City of Charlottesville’s West Main Street steering committee, representing the interests of Starr Hill neighborhood residents and the First Baptist Church, where she and her husband are active members. Pat is a graduate of Charlottesville’s Burley High School, Virginia State University, and UVA’s Curry School of Education.