Our Secret Weapon, Mary Carter

Mary Carter (8)Piedmont Housing Alliance prides itself on our great customer service.  We have helped thousands of local residents take control of their financial destiny, to become successful renters or homeowners or maintain the ownership of a home that is threatened by foreclosure.  We help people who believe they may have suffered housing discrimination through our Fair Housing Act counseling.  Sometimes, when we can’t help, we are able to direct callers to the local service provider who can.

And we are able to do all of this because of our secret weapon:  Mary Carter, receptionist, intake screener, and overall people-helper extraordinaire.  Mary has been with Piedmont Housing for 7-1/2 years, and her dedication to the clients and her experience shines through with every call she answers and every client she greets as they come through the door.

As someone who has tried to fill in for Mary from time to time, I have learned what she has that I lack:  an immense reservoir of patience, that allows her to see through the panic or distress that has prompted the call and know just the right way to respond.  I am in awe of the job she does every day to make sure that our clients have gotten the full measure of help that we have to give them.–KTK