Community Impact Report 2020

Piedmont Housing Alliance

Our Community Impact

Thank you for visiting our community impact report. As you explore the work we were able to do in fiscal year 2020, we encourage you to keep our mission to create affordable housing opportunities and foster community through education, lending and equitable development in mind. Like all other organizations locally and nationally, COVID-19 greatly shaped our operations and impact in the last fiscal year. The inequities that our clients and residents face every day were amplified and brought to the forefront as a worldwide pandemic played out. Inequities in housing, jobs, education and food access came to the surface. This, in conjunction with the continued outcry for black lives, continues to shape our work and journey to becoming an antiracist organization.

The pandemic greatly impacted neighbors at our communities. Community services pivoted from in-person programming to increased focus on food distribution and meeting the various basic needs of our diverse residents.

In fiscal year 2020, housing counselors at Piedmont Housing conducted 570 one-on-one counseling sessions and reached 250 individuals via group education classes and workshops.

Community engagement is the cornerstone of real estate development and preservation of affordable housing at Piedmont Housing Alliance.

Throughout the year, our staff and board are presented with numerous opportunities to increase their awareness surrounding racial equity.

Because of you we were able to raise $72,250 for our Emergency Assistance Fund.

Mission Investment

Piedmont Housing Alliance established two programs at the outset of the pandemic – an Emergency Assistance Fund for residents and staff and the Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) program aimed at helping seniors at our communities combat loneliness. The kindness and generosity of our partners and supporters make it possible for us to impact as many people and drive as much change as possible.


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